What was once known as a Military tradition, is quickly spreading to people and organizations all over the world. Everyone wants his or her very own challenge coin. A custom challenge coin is a great way to show your pride and support for a particular group or organization. It is also fun to trade them among friends. Challenge coins are small and easily displayed. They can also be kept in your pocket.

Challenge coins are great for fundraisers, clubs or organizations. With the rise in popularity of poker, challenge coins are being used as card covers. Challenge coins are great gifts for celebrating weddings and anniversaries.  With so many options to choose from your coin can be as unique as you.

Our coins are of the highest quality that is unsurpassed by anyone. Our objective is to produce the highest quality coin that results in a strong and lasting image, and which will reflect permanence and value. High quality custom coins create lasting impressions, help build esprit-de-corps within organizations, and outlast any other form of  advertising.